Dark Horse Restaurant
♦ Farm to Table Fresh
♦ Exquisite Traditional Menu
♦ Renowned Gluten Free Menu

Farm to Table Fresh

All of our ingrediants are the freshest possible. Our meats are from local ranches, our produce from local farms, and our bread, both traditional and gluten free, is baked on site daily.

Dark Horse Restaurant

Exquisite Traditional Menu

Dark Horse Restaurant

Our delicious fare is rated very highly by our customers. That is important to us. We take pride in delivering the highest quality food at a fair price. We can do this because we buy local direct from the farm. This guarantees freshness at the best available price.

Renowned Gluten Free Menu

All of our menu items have a gluten free option. If your dietary restrictions require a gluten free diet, we can accomodate you without any loss of quality.

Dark Horse Restaurant

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